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3D modeling/Lighting/Texture /Retouching/Artwork  (Art director Aron Cartlidge)

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture/Retouching/Set up for in Photoshop so flat artwork can be easily replaced for different countries using smart objects.

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture /Retouching/Artwork

Using the Keyvisual create layouts to fit keylines supplied of the various units then build these in 3D/Lighting/Texture /Retouching/Artwork  (Art director Aron Cartlidge)

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture (Art director Niall Heraty)

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture (Art director Aron Cartlige)

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture (Art director Andy Clare)

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture /Retouching/Artwork (Art director Ann-Marie Clancy)

I was supplied this scamp and these graphic elements, from there I worked upped the flat graphics and created this build withanimations in 2 1/2 days. Art director Sheena McDonald

Create 3D pack from flat artwork and the buttons were created from scatch as they need to be used for 48/6 sheets. Art director Fionan Healy

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture /Retouching/Artwork (Art director Clayton Homer)

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture (Art director Fionan Healy)

3D modeling was supplied as a CAD drawing so textures and studio lighting needed to be  created.
We also had a look at doing a cel shaded version. Once the lighting studio and texture is set up its very easy to supply  multiple angles.

3D room modeling/Lighting/Texture

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture (Art director Aron Cartlidge)

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture 

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture (Art director Aron Cartlidge)

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture / Retouch & comp photography (Art director Andy Clare)

3D modeling/Lighting/Texture/Retouch & comp photography  (Art director Andy Clare)

The task was to create a dragon using standard PDUs. Not only is this easy to build in the real world but the amount of PDU units can reduce or increase depending on the store size.

The talented Art director Fionan Healy came up with this idea for a popup display in Arnotts and I had the pleasure to create this in a 3D world to sell to the worked.

Created this display stand from keyline that was supplied for art director Fionan Healy (BBDO)

The talented art director Niall Heraty set me the task of turning his design into 3D to help the client see how it all fits together.

Create a 360 display stand. Art director was Andy Clare

Using standard sized PDU's create a 360 display stand with a stand out feature. Art director was Fionan Healy.

360 display stand with a stand out feature. Art director was Sheena McDonald.

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